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Rates for groups of kids, camps and schoolkids (+30)

Legenturia likes schools and teachers and volunteer workers for children camps.

We know how limited the means are for such organisations and we feel a lot of sympathy for them and therefor we lower our rates to almost our break-even level or lower to give all schoolskids a chance to visit and discover Legenturia.


Trips to a playground are costly since schools or camps also have to overcome transportation or hire busses, so that's why we give the discounts listed below.


School trips can only take place during schoolweeks and never during holidays or weekends.

Holiday camps and kid camps can come over during holidays under specific conditions (read below) but always after reservation.
With its medieval role play houses, legendary creatures and educational games Lagenturia is a trip worthwhile for schools and groups.
When you have a group of at least 50 kids, there can be a theater show for them with captain Coda and his dragon Pickie for a unique low flatfee of 4€ per kid. For this small upfee of 4€ they can go to a 40 minute show which features educational themes, this year's theme is "bullying".
We gladly inform you more on the shows of our Captain Coda.



short visits (max 2 hours)

€ 7,50  (<30 kids)

€ 6,50    (> 30 kids)

€ 5,50    (>40 kids)*

€ 5,00    (>50 kids)


longer visit (>2 hours)

€ 10,00  (<30 kids)

€   8,00  (> 30 kids)

€ 7,50    (>40 kids)*

€ 6,50    (>50 kids)

€ 5,00    (>70 kids)

the rate if for ALL ages, so also for todlers that come in for 3€ normally, when accompanied by their paying parent.
Also teenagers or older kids pay all the same price, it is a one-for-all formula. One rate for everyone under 18 years old.
* groups of more than 40 kids are recommended to have at least one of the monitors almost permanently near the toilets/restrooms to help small children use the bathroom in a clean way without soiling themselves.
Taking our heating, electicity and lighting costs into acount of our 6000m2 premise, the visit of a school or group hardly brings in any money for Legenturia. Sometimes we even loose money on these trips or we just get break-even.
We gladly give you these discounts and extra benefits if you show us some goodwill, keep a good eye on your children and for instance help to clean up little accidents so we don't need to hire our cleaning team after your visit because that is unaffordable for us.

Teachers (or accompanying adults) FOR FREE (normally their entrance fee is 3€)

Attention: we recommend a minimum of 1 adult per 12 children.

Legenturia has two floors, a boat pond, very adventurous inflatables and obstacles courses and these zones demand your supervision at all times.


Another benefit of coming with your group to Legenturia is that school groups are the only exception we allow on the "no picknick rule", since many schools have very limited budgets (and some parents are on a budget too).

You are exceptionally allow to bring your pick nick or lunch on three conditions:

- during holidays no picknick can be consumed in the eyesight of other visitors (they have to eat it in the theater of our outside our building)

- during schooldays when we have no normal visitors they can eat inside in the hall

- the teachers or adults commit to brush the floor with broomsticks and to clean all tables after the picknick has been eaten.


  • The downpayment for groups is 25% of the total sum with a minimium of 100 €.
  • The remaining sum is due on the day of the visit in cash at our point of sales or our by bank card or credit card.
  • One has to pay when coming in for the number of kids showing up. Paying after the trip is not allowed.
  • Invoices can be made and will be sent afterwards after payment is done.



MENU (not obliged, but possible as from 30 kids)


Fries with nuggets and sauce € 2,75 (instead of € 5,5)

Fries with sauce  € 1,50 (instead of € 3,00)

Dispenser Grapos juice, water or limonade  € 4,00 (incl 5 drinking cups) or 0,80€ per person

Other A-brand drinks: € 1,9 - € 2,0 depending on the brand

Ice cream (Ola rocket waterice): € 0,75 (instead of  € 1,50)

Fruit €0,50 (instead of €1,00)


How to reserve?

Most teachers or group monitors like to check the availibity first and get a price quote first.

Here is some exciting news: the calender below this text allows you just to do that.

Put a free option in our calendar (without any obligation, you can cancel any time)


A mail will promptly been sent with a price quote, you can discuss this with your board.

Meanwhile your date keeps to be reserved. You can always cancel until the very day before the trip.


A downpayment of 25% is required but Legenturia redeems 100% of the downpayment in case of cancelation.

So there is no rik at all to go on and place your option in our calendar below TODAY, click on the calendar and CHECK DATE


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