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Legenturia Rules & Conditions

Terms and conditions 


The following provisions are intended to ensure a fantastic day for all visitors.


The rules are based on courtesy, safety and respect for others and the environment. Every visitor is supposed to know and respect the rules.  Each visitor who enters Legenturia (with any type of ticket) automatically accepts the Legenturia Regulation.

Downpayments for arrangements or bundles are 100% refunded as long as the canceling happens at latest 1 day prior to the event.



While Legenturia and his employees strive to ensure the complete safety or our visitors it is the responsibility of parents/guardians to supervise and accompany children on the premises with a ratio if one adult for every five children over six years old and one adult for every three children under six. For kids over eight years old we let the parents judge how many adults should accompany the minimum is of course one parent.


Legenturia is not a creche facility


2 The parent/guardien must:

-Remain within the building at all times

-It is their full responsibility to supervise their children at all times;

-Observe the child to ensure that they are capable of using the equipment safely, as we cannot know the individual needs and abilities of your child, this includes all areas.

- Explain the rules of play to the children and monitor their behaviour;

- Know where the child is and make sure the child knows where they are at all times.



All children may only use the facility when accompanied by a responsible adult. Guardians of children must be over 18.


4 Children remain the responsibility of parents/guardians at all times.


5 Strictly non smoking on the premises, no smoking on the terrace, only at the entrance outside, smoking is tolerated.


6 Children are advised to wear long trousers and long sleeved shirts and must wear socks at all times on the play equipment to minimise risk of personal injury.


7 No shoes may be worn on the inflatables, no shoes in Hamelen or in the Bestiary.


8 Jewelry is worn at your own risk and children wearing glasses should take particular care.






No food or drinks can be consumed at the centre, unless purchased on the premises.

Bringing in own food or drinks is strictly forbidden, people not respecting these rules have to pay a fine of €50 !

However it is permitted to bring food and drink for new born babies under 1 year.



We serve alcohol because we also have an evening, nightlife activity market, but please don’t get drunk. We reserve the right to confiscate and persons deemed to be under influence will be asked to leave the premises.


Some attractions have age restrictions, we ask parents to help us to impose them to all children. Zones for up to 6 year olds are not intended for older children and vice versa.


Children who are unwell should not play the equipment.



Parents/Guardians must ensure that children do not become overheated and hydrate enough. If parts of the building are to hot please ask our staff at the entrance to open the roof hatches or to temporay open the emergency doors.


14 Emergency doors cannot be opened by visitors themselves upon their own judgement. The emergency doors can only be opened when the fire alarm is sounding.


There is a fine of 25€ per incident when an adult or child opens these doors for any other reason because they set off an alarm in the building.


16 It is possible that you may be photographed or filmed during your visit and these photos or videos to be used in the communication of the park. The rights of use of this visual and audio materials are the property of Legenturia, which therefore can be used without restriction. By accessing the park and parking, you automatically agree to be filmed or photographed, including squares, buildings and / or in the attractions (this list is not exhaustive) and security cameras installed in different locations. These cameras provide security for visitors and Legenturia. The rights of use of this visual and audio materials are the property of Legenturia, so he can use it without any restrictions.


Customers who do not want pictures / videos of them being used, must explicitly inform the reception before entering Legenturia (the day of their visit).


17 Height or age restrictions are in place for your safety; the operators and management do not have the authority to override them. Please do not place them in a difficult position.


18 Legenturia cannot accept any responsbility for members of the public’s personal belongings – parents/guardians and children should also remove any valuables before entering the equipment or the attractions.


19 Legentura encourages children to play, run free and explore is a safe and stimulating environment. As such there are inherent risks that are always associated with children playing and having fun together.


These include: children being exposed to moderate physical activity, children tripping, falling and bumping into fixed objects and other children.


20 Whilst every effort is made to provide all the rides, attractions and facilities mentioned, we cannot guarantee that they will be available all day, every day.

The management reserve the right to alter attractions as may be deemed necessary without prior notice.


21 Legenturia has taken every reasonable step to contol these risks through the design, maintenance and operation of the facility. However, it is impossible to eliminate such risks completely whilst providing a stimulating environment and parents/guardians must recognise and accept this risk.


22. Abusive/aggressive or any type of behaviour deemed to be unsuitable towards Legenturia staff, management or other members of the public from either children or adults will not be tolerated under any circumstances – management reserves the right to enforce total bans.


3 hour play limit may apply

overstay of an enforced play limit will result in an overstay charge which must be paid in full on leaving the center.